Best Over Ear Headphones

Audio Technica ATH-M50xudio-Technica-ATH-M50X

The Audio Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones are hands down the best over ear headphones. The first reason is simply the price. The price is a bargain. By far the best sounding pair of over ear headphones you will find under $200. The second reason is that Audio Technica continues to put out outstanding products and the quality of their products show you. The proof is in the pudding. Check out the specs and features of the Audio Technica ATH-M50x Headphones below.

You might wanna checkout few soundbars under 300 dollars 2016. These soundbars are also very high quality and produce amazing sound. Best to use with led tv.



  • Incredible sonic performance recommended by top audio engineers and pro audio reviewers
  • Proprietary 45 mm large-aperture drivers with rare earth magnets and copper-clad aluminum wire voice coils
  • Exceptional clarity throughout an extended frequency range, with deep, accurate bass response
  • unique comfort design contours around the ears for excellent sound isolation in loud environments
  • 90° swiveling earcups for easy, one-ear monitoring, professional-grade earpad and headband material delivers more durability and comfort. Detachable cable

There are a ton of different headphones and headphone manufacturing companies out on the market today. The truth is that sound quality is very important when engineering music and the headphones you use make a giant difference. It is important to have comfort as well as quality and the Audio Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones offers both for the right price. Thats why we chose it for the “best over ear headphones”.

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A Space Odyssey (1968)A review

I have put off for far too long….Bluntly, 2001 is one of the best science-fiction films made to date, if not the very best. Stanley Kubrick was a genius of a film maker and this is one of his very best works. And although it is misunderstood by many, and respectively underrated, it is considered one of the best films of all time and I’ll have to agree. Back in 1968, no one had done anything like this before, and no one has since. It was a marvel of a special effects breakthrough back then, and seeing how the effects hold up today, it is no wonder as to why. The film still looks marvelous after almost forty years! Take note CGI people. Through the use of large miniatures and realistic lighting, Kubrick created some of the best special effects ever put on celluloid. This aspect alone almost single-handedly created the chilling void of the space atmosphere which is also attributed to the music and realistic sound effects. I can’t think of another film where you can’t here anything in space, like it is in reality. Not only is the absence of sound effects in space realistic, it is used cleverly as a tool to establish mood, and it works flawlessly.Aside from the magnificent display of ingenious special effects, there are other factors that play a part in establishing the feel of the film. The music played, all classical, compliment what the eyes are seeing and make you feel the significance of man’s journey through his evolution from ape to space traveler.The story, while seemingly simple, is profound. Sequentially, several mysterious black monoliths are discovered and basically trigger certain events integral to the film. What are they? Where did they come from? What do they do? These are all questions one asks oneself while watching the story develop and is asked to find his own way. While most come away with a general idea of what took place in the story, each individual will have to decide what it means to them. Any way one decides to answer these question results in profound solutions. It’s not left entirely up to interpretation, but in some aspects it is. Experience it for more clarification. The end result is quite chilling, no matter your personal solution.While it is a long film, and sometimes slows down, it has to be in order to accurately portray the journey of man. It’s not a subject that would have faired well in a shorter film, faster paced feature. Those with short attention spans need not apply.Last but not least, is the epitome of a remorseless antagonist, HAL 9000, the computer. Never has a machine held such a chilling screen presence. Which reminds me, for a film with such profound ambition and execution, there is surprisingly little dialogue. Another sign of Kubrick’s genius.All in all, one of the best films made to date and one of the very best science fiction films made. A personal favorite. Everyone must see this film at least once.Very highly recommended.

12 Angry Men (1957)

An excellent courtroom drama with a unique twist. Instead of following the trial itself, the viewer has a unique chance to observe the events behind the closed doors of a jury room. The film begins with the end of the trial. The jurors retire to deliberate the case. A preliminary vote is taken and the result is 11:1 in favour of the guilty verdict. Eleven jurors have raised their hands to convict a young man of killing his father. Only Juror #8 has doubts. At first even he does not truly believe the young man to be innocent but notes (rightfully) that the case for the defence might have been presented in a more convincing manner and that the boy might be given the benefit of a doubt. Since the boy is to be executed if found guilty his life is now in the hands of the jury and juror #8 reasons that the least they could do is talk about the case a bit. As time goes on some of the jurors change their minds and find that there is perhaps enough reasonable doubt not to convict the young man after all. But not everyone is easy to convince.Although the plot of the film is excellent and it is fascinating to see what little things can influence which way a verdict goes, where this film really succeeds is in presenting the characters of the 12 jurors. The character of each of the jurors emerges through a wonderful mix of perfect casting, excellent dialogue and near-flawless acting.Juror #1 – a simple man who clearly does not understand the full complexity of the task that lies before him but is trying to do everything not to let anyone else find this out. He appears at ease only once during the film – when he talks about football. He has the misfortune to be selected foreman of the jury – a task he clearly does not relish.Juror #2 – a small, quite man, clearly unaccustomed to giving his own opinion much less to expecting his views to be of any importance. Apparently he finds solace in his job – he is an accountant.Juror #3 – probably the most complex personality in the film. Starts off like a pleasant self-made successful businessman, he analyses the case impartially, explains his arguments well and is reasonably self assured. As time goes on he becomes more and more passionate and seems to be somehow personally involved with the case. He also starts to show some signs of slight mental instability. Wonderfully played by Lee J. Cobb – this is the character you remember after the film is over.Juror #4 – self assured, slightly arrogant stockbroker. Obviously considers himself more intelligent than anyone else in the room, he approaches the case with cool heartless logic but (as one of the jurors says – “this is not an exact science”) he does not take into account the feelings, the passions, the characters of the people involved in the case. He is conspicuous by the fact that he is the only juror that does not take his jacket off (it is a very hot day).Juror #5 – here is a man under great emotional stress. He comes from the same social background as the accused boy – with who he almost unwillingly seems to identify with. Paradoxically this appears one of the main reasons for him voting guilty – he does not want compassion to influence him – so ironically it does.Juror #6 – a simple man, quite readily admitting that everyone in the room is better qualified than he is to make decisions and offer explanations. But he really wants to see justice done and it worries him that he might make a mistake.Juror #7 – the only one that really has no opinion on this case. Literally throughout the film his thoughts are never on the case – he talks of baseball, of the heat, of fixing the fan but the only reason he has for voting this way or that is to speed things up a bit so he might be out of the jury room as soon as possible. Not an evil man he just has no sense of morality whatsoever – he can tell right from wrong but does not seem to think it’s worth the bother.Juror #8- a caring man, has put more thought into the case than any of the other jurors. He tries to do his best even in the face of seemingly impossible odds.Juror #9 – a wise old man with his great life experience has quite a unique way of looking at the case.Juror #10 – the most horrifying character in the film. Votes guilty and does not even try to hide the fact that he does so only because of the boy’s social background. The tragedy comes from the fact that his own social position is only a cut above the boy’s – which makes him all the more eager to accentuate the difference.Juror #11 – an immigrant watchmaker, careful methodical man, well mannered and soft spoken. respects the right of people to have different opinion to his – and is willing to look at both sides of the problem. Loses his temper only once – horrified by the complete indifference of juror #7.Juror #12 – a young business type – perhaps he has his own opinions – but is careful to hide them. What he has learnt out of life seems to be that intelligence is equal with agreeing with what the majority of people think.The film succeeds in doing something very rare today – developing an intelligent plot while also developing 12 believable, memorable and distinct character

Manabadi 10th SSC Results 2015

Everywhere throughout the condition of AP between the date 11th or 12th May 2016 in the News Papers, Android Cell Telephones the Hopefuls can check their AP 10th class results from online
As indicated by the most recent News, the Outcomes Will be Proclaimed by the AP Board State Government between the timings at 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM, AP and TS Ssc Results 2016 will be accessible to the Competitors at their separate schools focuses and they can discover even from the BSNL Phone Number additionally The most recent News is from the condition of AP the Priest Srinivas Rao is going to discharge the primary critical AP Ssc Results 2016 in the city of Vijaywada on 12th May 2016 and understudies can know their AP Results from the official site too. This Year, almost 12.82 lakhs Understudies are going to go to People in general Exam, some are Normal and Private Hopefuls are going to show up in Diverse exam Focuses to get top focuses in AP Ssc Results 2016.
This exam is truly urgent to every single Hopeful, who is composing the AP Supplementary Open Examination all through the State. To land a Position in Rail route or in some other private segment, the base prerequisite is ssc Capability of temporary Reminder, In nowadays the opposition is truly high and understudies are buckling down in every single subject including dialects to get over 95% from Ssc Results 2016. The Competitors need to deal with their wellbeing before planning for the supplentary exams to score high Checks in Telangana Ssc Result 2016, on the grounds that the focus on change exams is essential, Understudies are encouraged to be cautious and caution when crossing the streets to keep away from mischances and Flying the Kites on the upstairs.
The Understudy ought to remember not to get any Strain and simply think, how to get great stamps in AP Ssc Results 2016 without Fall flat. The Applicants need to check the supplementary time table from their Separate School deliberately and ought to have an arranging of How to get high Checks in AP Ssc Result 2016 on the grounds that in nowadays the Opposition is high The Most recent news from the Telangana Prepare to leave is the TS Ssc Results 2016 Lobby Ticket Numbers will be shown on the Primary Notification Leading group of Moderate Optional Training. Understudies can their TS ssc results 2016 between the date 13th or 14th May, it will be distributed by the TS state govt Board from the diverse online journals and even from numerous other AP 10th class Results 2016 web journal like Manabadi and so on.
As indicated by the Most recent data, the Telangana Leading group of Auxiliary Instruction is relied upon to pronounce the Telangana Ssc Results 2016 in the Second Week of May i.e on the 11th May 2016 by the Vice president Priest of the state govt. AP Ssc Results 2016 will be discharged by Kadiyam Sri Hari.
The Legislature of the Board had acquainted the Evaluations with showcase AP Ssc Results 2016 online everywhere throughout the Nation India, Underneath there is a brief depiction in which the Understudies can check the full Subtle elements of Evaluating example of AP Ssc Results 2016 orderly. AP Ssc Results 2016 Evaluating Framework: AP Load up had pronounced Reviewing framework in 2016 without precedent for the condition of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. The evaluations will be issued in view of the reminder stamps in SSC open exam. the Understudy ought to comprehend the exam Evaluating framework which was given in the table to six subjects.
The dialect subject Hindi has an alternate evaluation when contrasted with five different subjects. The imprints picked up by the understudy, so that the evaluations will be tallied. Subject evaluation will be issued to the understudy relying upon the execution in every subject. The Understudy who has got the imprint between 92 to 100 then A1 evaluation is printed, 83 to 91 imprints, then the A2 grade. There are nine evaluations from An one to E.If the applicant get Review An one 10 Focuses are displayed.For Grade, A two focuses are nine.This framework was acquainted with abatement the weight of lower imprints.
Understudies can check their Ssc Results 2016 with Itemized Evaluation Focuses in light of the fact that the Legislature of AP and Telangana chose to change the example and showcase the Ssc Results 2016 in simple Technique. Almost 5.65 lakhs of understudies are excitedly holding up to know their Andhra Pradesh Ssc Results 2016 from their Wireless Tabs. Underneath there are three stages to know the points of interest to get Ssc Results 2016‐
1) Sort the Principle Authority Site of AP Ssc exam from a program
2) The understudy needs to enter his or her exam lobby ticket number or enlisted number gave by the ssc load up

SSC Results 2016 Today

SSC Result is going to be declared very soon. Staff Selection Commission Results will be out as for the sets in Multi Tasking Staff Result in 2016. SSC MTS Written Exams Results will be released on their official site address url : from all over the India (including all the states). This SSC Exam was taken in the month of February 2016. All the presenting people who want to check the SSC Result which was conducted on 16th March as well as 23rd Feb can please keep on reading to know more.SSC Results 2016 Information :Every year, the official’s Staff Selection Commission a.k.a SSC publishes MTS Recruitment notifications for hefty amount of posts which are meant for many of the states of India. Millions of candidate who gave SSC MTS examination can now check their result online on their official website which is given here. SSC always takes written examination for all the interesting people and gives results on the basis of it.The MTS exam which was taken on 16/02/2016 from all over the country, those candidates is going to get SSC MTS Result 2016 results from the (the only official website) on this website all the necessary details are given along with result.Note : We know that all the candidates are very curious about the SSC Result but let me tell you that we are still not confirmed about the exact dates of the final results, but we give you 100% surety that we will get the news from the official source with the help of our internal contacts with the our team, so please stay tuned with out website.SSC Results 2016 Check Online from MTS Exam :As said above only you will need to go to the official website where all the details about SSC Result which is out to be released in 2016 will be given so that you will not have to face any issue with that. Also, please follow the below mentioned all the steps accurately in order to get the SSC MTS Result easily without any issue. Please mind that this result is of national level and can be access by all the candidates who gave the Staff Selection Selection exams in 2016 (So this result is for all people)All the candidates are requested to follow the below steps.First of all you need to login into the official website here ssc.nic.inIf you are comfortable with English language then click on “English” otherwise “Hindi” as per your comfortYou will see “Results” written on the top of the menuAfter that you need to check the section of Multi Tasking related notificationsNow, you can get the result as per your name as well as roll number given in the admit cardDownload the PDF file their if you need to know about the cut off marks and other thingsIf you want to take out print out then you can even save the result without any issue.So that now you have checked out the results of SSC MTS 2016 According to our research we found that their are more than 1.2 Million (12 lac) candidates who appeared for SSC Exam and we are expecting some high level of competition out their. But you can check out the cut off marks. We will be always wishing you well and best of luck for the future.I hope you got your SSC Result 2016 and I request you to please stay updated with our website as we are going to update this page more often with further and future information, you might get benefit of out it without any problem.Good Luck with your SSC Results.

CAT 2015 Admit Cards Available Online From October 25

CAT 2015 Admit Cards available Online from October 25th. The common Admission Test (CAT) exam 2015 is delayed and hence the issuing of the CAT 2015 admit cards are also delayed. If the CAT 2015 exam is conducted on time , the candidates will get the admit cards by October 15. Due to delay the admit cards for CAT 2015 will be available online in the official website from October 2015.

CAT 2015 Admit Cards Release Postponed to 25th October. Why ?

CAT can be defined as a Computer Aided Test and it is one of the most prestigious exam for the entrance of MBA which will be conducted in India every year. Based on the results of the CAT examination MBA admissions for 2 years in prestigious institutions like IIM is processed. CAT result is declared on merit basis and the admissions include the tests like Written test, Ability test , Face To Face interview and mainly the score in CAT 2015 exam. As per the government rules the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) reserves 15% of its seats to SC candidates. 7.5% of the seats will be given to ST candidates and 27% of seats will be reserved for OBC people. 3% seats will be given to the persons who are physically challenged. There is a chance that some candidates with poor financial background can get scholarships from IIM.

The official notification for CAT 2015 exam was released on 26th of July. The exam date is fixed for 29th of november and the registrations for CAT 2015 will start from August 6th. Every detail like the exam dates, model paper, changes in the pattern is given in the notification itself.

CAT exam is conducted every year to get admissions for students into 19 IIMs. Other than IIMs, some of the high rated B-Schools will also consider the CAT score. The official notification of CAT 2015 was released on 26th July this year. November 29th is the date scheduled for the CAT 2015 exam. IIM Ahmedabad is conducting the Common Admission Test (CAT) for the study year 2015-2016. The CAT 2015 admit card release is postponed to october 25th. The reason for the delay in CAT admit card download is the heavy participation to apply for the CAT exam in 2015. Last year 1.9 lakhs people applied for the CAT exam and this year the number increased to 2.1 lakhs. From the past two years IIM Indore took the charge of conducting CAT exam without any hassles.

If you are a candidate who applied for the exam CAT 2015 you can download the admit card from the official website on October 2015 starting from 1 P.M until the exam date.

CAT 2015 New pattern :

The new CAT 2015 pattern consists of total 3 sections :

-> General Aptitude / Quantitative aptitude – 34 Questions

-> Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation – 32 Questions

-> Reading Comprehension and Verbal Comprehension – 34 Questions

The total duration of CAT exam is 180 minutes and in this time you need to answer a total of 100 questions (34+32+34). There is no option to switch between different sections , previously the candidate is having this option. From this 2015 CAT exam the student can make use of his on screen calculator. We can expect a tutorial of the new CAT 2015 pattern on october 15th of this year.

CAT 2015 – Important Dates :

CAT 2015 Exam date : 29-11-2015

CAT 2015 Exam Admit card download : 25-10-2015

CAT 2015 Exam result : December 3rd week 2015

Click Here : For CAT 2015 Official Website